Such a Tough Day!

Today was a very heartbreaking day for me being a Mama to our Brezy. Brezy has had some difficult days at school and with the bulling and hitting , kicking others and inappropriate language was expelled today. Kicking otherswithin 15 minutes after being at school.

With us moving so quickly, that has not been a bother to him. Loves to pack and loves his room. He has lost television until he can be back in school. We are not sure when that will be. The school has to get a meeting together to re-evaluate to get him on an IEP. If he gets one most likely he will attend another school in our district that has a Theraputic Learning Center. It is more structured , the behaviors are worked on and there is more one on one.

So we are not sure when he will be back to school. Jon will be picking up homework  for Brezy. He has issues with putting on paper his homework. He can say it but writing is a chore. It will be addressed in the meeting as well. We want the best for little man so please keep him in prayer. Us Too!!!





One thought on “Such a Tough Day!

  1. This is Brezy’s step-dad. We are trying to find homes for his two companion cats. We are moving and can’t take them. They are 4 years old, and are sisters. One Calico and the other Tortise Shell color females. Both spayed and totally indoor cats.


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