Prayers Needed…

I have not been on for sometime but it is because so much has been going on with Brezy. Brezy needs prayer and as Jon and I take a step we were not thinking would happen will become a reality in the middle of March. At this time, that is all I can share about it. Please do keep us in prayer.

We do as a family wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015. We are planning our best to have a wonderful Christmas.

In February my son Cole and his wife Enedelia will be having their first little one. He is gonna be all boy for sure like his daddy is. At this time they have him named Joseph Ryan Lucero. I had something to do with the Ryan but then I am the Nana and I can put the ONLY two cents I have in. 🙂

Also if there is anybody that can help me make this blog site look more put together. I would appreciate a bit of your time. Just leave me a message here. God Bless to You All. I am so blessed even for the couple 3-4 people that stop in.

Sorry , I was MIA!

Hello All,

I have had a crazy few weeks. We landed a home to move in and we are settling in. Then my sweet Brezy has had a rough time this past 6 months and now we have decided to change up his diet some. There has been aggression, police, runaway, been in hospital and being very defiant. Disrespect to others including us.

He will be evaluated for Special Education due to behaviors not so much academics. If that does not work, then we are looking at Therapeutic Learning Center. If…that does not work then we are looking at something that can be drastic and heartbreaking for our whole family. But when it all comes down to it Brezy comes first and what is best for him we as couple Jon and I will have to accept it.

We will rely on Jesus and know He knows our every need no matter how much we stress and wonder what next. He knows the stressors and the wonders of what is next.

It reminds me of a Bible verse: Psalms 37:4 Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Please join me with comments etc; because I would like to get at least 10 of my bloggers get on board here so that we can have a visiting author with us.

Blessings and Have a Great Evening

In Christ,


Such a Tough Day!

Today was a very heartbreaking day for me being a Mama to our Brezy. Brezy has had some difficult days at school and with the bulling and hitting , kicking others and inappropriate language was expelled today. Kicking otherswithin 15 minutes after being at school.

With us moving so quickly, that has not been a bother to him. Loves to pack and loves his room. He has lost television until he can be back in school. We are not sure when that will be. The school has to get a meeting together to re-evaluate to get him on an IEP. If he gets one most likely he will attend another school in our district that has a Theraputic Learning Center. It is more structured , the behaviors are worked on and there is more one on one.

So we are not sure when he will be back to school. Jon will be picking up homework  for Brezy. He has issues with putting on paper his homework. He can say it but writing is a chore. It will be addressed in the meeting as well. We want the best for little man so please keep him in prayer. Us Too!!!




What a Weekend!

Brezy was on his roll for the weekend. He was sure to keep PapaJon and his mama on their toes. After a hard week at school he followed suit at home. So we kept him busy with his Tablet and did his homework in three 20 minute intervals and did get the homework done. He can spell but he cannot write them on paper. He reads like a champ. He dislikes math and just cannot make the connection the + and – do not look the same.

So off to school this morning he went. I did not get much read or reviews done today, as Jon and I did some housework and much needed laundry that we could not get to over the weekend.

So here in about an hour the homework challenge begins and we are going to make a new chart for Brezy but he gets to help. So I will chat more about this when it comes together.

Gee (Glenda)

Favorite Books & Reviews

This blogging area I would like to keep for your favorite books you have and any comments or reviews you can add so that others may want to read them. This can be children or adult books. Please keep the books to the standards of no cursing, sexual or any other adult reading that would not be for my blog site. Just want to keep it where it is clean because here down the road I am going to make a category for Brezy so that he can blog with supervision of course.




I am a mom of a little man who is 7-years-old that was diagnosed with Asperger’s and many other diagnoses that I will not get into right now. He was 5 years old but there was symptoms before that. His speech was delayed and he had developmental delays along with acid reflex. He has very high sensory issues to loud sounds and sounds that he may have not heard before. He would not make much eye contact and could not do things for himself; like dressing and bathing.

Since he has gotten older his behaviors are out of this world. Many of the above issues still remain. Some days my husband and I wonder if we are going to survive. We have to hang onto the knot in the rope and trust in The Lord each step we take to help my little boy to have the best productive life he can. We have many interventions for him. HI, HS, Counseling, Med. Mgmt. and at this time we are hoping to getting his PSRS back because it was a great help with his behaviors. Then he has most important his family.

He is a special little man. He is smart. Loves to read but does struggle with other subjects. He does struggle with social skills and as of today he cannot make any friends because he says many things inappropriate for social and even at home actions.

I am starting this blog not to knock a child down but to show the love that these children have. To allow parents to come on here whether they have a child with ASD, HFA, or AS. It is for anyone that has anything they want to talk about.

Inspirational blogs, recipes especially for children, things that work if you have a child on the spectrum and just to say hello.

Brezy is a special child. He is a typical boy in many ways. He is my son. He is a gift to me from God. His world may look different to him but he is loved, he is accepted for sure in his home. We wish many people out there in this crazy world we call life could look into the eyes of a child who is on the spectrum and accept them for the little person they are.

BREZYSWORLD is different to many but to his family it is a world they live in everyday. We look into the eyes of a little man who is perfect in every way to us, just got some bumps in the road. Not weekly, monthly or yearly but everyday and every minute.

I look forward to seeing my friends and meeting new people as well. God Bless You!