Prayers Needed…

I have not been on for sometime but it is because so much has been going on with Brezy. Brezy needs prayer and as Jon and I take a step we were not thinking would happen will become a reality in the middle of March. At this time, that is all I can share about it. Please do keep us in prayer.

We do as a family wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015. We are planning our best to have a wonderful Christmas.

In February my son Cole and his wife Enedelia will be having their first little one. He is gonna be all boy for sure like his daddy is. At this time they have him named Joseph Ryan Lucero. I had something to do with the Ryan but then I am the Nana and I can put the ONLY two cents I have in. 🙂

Also if there is anybody that can help me make this blog site look more put together. I would appreciate a bit of your time. Just leave me a message here. God Bless to You All. I am so blessed even for the couple 3-4 people that stop in.