Favorite Books & Reviews

This blogging area I would like to keep for your favorite books you have and any comments or reviews you can add so that others may want to read them. This can be children or adult books. Please keep the books to the standards of no cursing, sexual or any other adult reading that would not be for my blog site. Just want to keep it where it is clean because here down the road I am going to make a category for Brezy so that he can blog with supervision of course.


One thought on “Favorite Books & Reviews

  1. Breathing Room- Leeana Tankersley

    I was hooked just by the title and the words under it; “letting go do you can fully live”. The book became a homework book to me. A good homework book, as I read more God was the director and Leeana was the teacher through her words and God’s word’s.

    I personally hung onto things that were making my life miserable. I am sure the people around me as well. I had to take the chance and let go when I did it was not only one of the best things I have done but this book that Leeana has written was one of the best books books I have read.

    This being so much of a self-help book should be on the shelves ahead of any other self-help books. This one is a WINNER!!! If you have not read this book you are missing out on a change that can be made in your own life. Leeana what a blessing you are…God Bless You!


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